Wednesday, March 02, 2005

3.1.2006 Cowboy - Carpenter Dave

This is probably the season I enjoy the most. New life is springing up all around with plants and animals.
Here is the latest two new arrivals on the farm. I've been spending some time grooming the horses. I have been blessed by being able to relate to the animals and spending time with Seth.

Last Friday I spent part of the afternoon riding one of the Geldings at the farm. It's been close to 40 years since I sat in a saddle. The horse I learned to ride was a neck reined old mare that my sister bought when I was in High School. I would ride the horse from time to time to fetch in the cows out in the pasture for milking. This horse I rode last Friday was a different deal all together. He was a full of spunk snap bit reined horse that had to be held in a tight grip or off we'd go at full speed. Although he was broken for riding he still would get skittish when he would hear a sudden noise behind him. It made for some exciting moments when suddenly a quick side step happened. My hip sockets said "OK, that's quite enough for today" after about a half an hour.

One Wednesday a friend and I were having breakfast at our favorite expensive restaurant..........Burger King. I was explaining that I really would like a storage shed, but the ones available at Lowes were really cheaply made. We conjured up and idea to just buy the materials and make one. HGTV has "Design on a Dime" and "Design for the Sexes", but my friend and I have "Design on a Napkin". So a few days later we loaded up Ricky and came home with the materials. The 50 2X4s, two 3/4 inch 4X8 exterior sheets of plywood, ten 5/8" 4X8 sheets of exterior paneling, ten 1X4s eight foot long, 2 1X4s ten foot long, five sheets of 4X8 roof underlaying, three bundles of roofing shingles, ten 6"X12"X 4" cement blocks, and various sizes of nails made Ricky's rear springs compress down to the frowny position. I think normal springs are in the smiley position.

Ah, there's just nothing like the smell of burning clutch from backing up the driveway. Not to be concerned, Ricky survived the ordeal with strength and endurance. He even received his first battle scar from scraping a bundle of roofing on the side fender and wears it proudly as a sign to all that he's not just another pretty truck that only sits in the garage and never works to earn his keep.

Those squished down tires you see are not from being under inflated but are from being overloaded.

The floor is up and one side wall now built

Here it is nearing completion. The neighbors have been inspecting each step and putting on their stamp of approval. They think it should be a community shed and of course the kids of the neighborhood think it would make a great play house. I'll probably be puttering around with it most of the summer. I still need to get the trim on and get it painted. It now has a door and a peak over the door, but I still need to get the peg board up inside and various supports for the floors exterior perimeter.

I'll be heading out for South Carolina to visit my daughter, Lydia, and her family including Bradley my grandson on April 18th. Bradley is of course the greatest grandson on this planet earth. He's full of laughs and giggles and can keep this grandpa entertained for hours.

Over the last two years I have discovered that I enjoy bluegrass music. It just so happens starting on April 27th the grandaddy of all bluegrass Festivals called Merlefest in Wilksborro North Carolina will be happening. I have been accepted as a volunteer to direct traffic in the parking lot for 4 hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's gets me a free pass to the rest of the day's activities which start at 8:00 AM and end around Midnight. All the major bluegrass performers with be there. Were talking big name guys. It should be a good time for sure.
Cowboy-Carpenter Dave