Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to Work on the Car Again
We had to retire the Old Blue Goose that my daughter drove.  She was a good old car but just had too many expensive issues to fix.  We donated her organs to the U-Pull-It junk yard and acquired a '96 Corsica with lesser issues.  When we bought the car, we knew it would need some TLC.  The front brakes were replaced and then there was a wheel issue.  Can anyone see the problem?  Anyone?  Anyone?
Yes, you are correct.  Two lug nuts are missing.  Not only are they missing but the studs are twisted off.

After two hours of repair, the problem is once again under control with all five lug nuts tight and the tire is secure.

 Unfortunately the very next night while on the way to Walmart for a poster board for her  school project my daughter had this happen.  It blew out the back window and crunched the fenders so much that the back doors couldn't be opened.  Since this was an old junker, I expect the insurance will just total the car then it becomes what is the car worth.  With 180K miles, I don't think it will be worth much.  My daughter went to the ER and she only had bruises and they gave her pain pills.  She's still stiff and sore with pains around the ribs.
 Once again we are down to one car.  Depending on reimbursement we get for the car from the insurance company will determine whether we can get a car right away or have to save awhile to purchase another.

Now the next thing is to fix the kitchen sink that started leaking.  Nice.  I better get to it so see ya next time I have a free moment to blog.