Monday, December 07, 2009

Orange Texas

We worked on the same church as in August. It was just a little cooler in October than August. Ah, well, it was a lot cooler. Last trip I was up and down ladders installing junction boxes for emergency lighting and exit lights. This time I had the task of church attic electrical conduit installation. The task was given to another guy and me to run the conduit from the first floor main fuse box up through the second floor into the attic. This first picture is the general area where the conduit had to come up into the attic. Over on the other side of the vertical supports. Ah, yeah, it's pretty small.
Now all that has to happen is to squeeze my somewhat rotund body into the two foot space and connect the conduit from below. That's after we figure out a way to bring it up through the teeny tiny little space between the ceiling joist, the roof rafter, and the tile block outside wall. Oh, yeah and we needed to drag a saws all in there to cut the pipes to fit once we get them in place. That was a real strain for sure.

Once up in the attic, we then made the 150 foot run to the other end of the church. This is the area above the sanctuary. Of course where our conduit was run there was no flooring so we had to be on constant alert not to step through the ceiling.

Across the entry way of the church and down to the junction box for the sound booth. All together we ran a 2 1/2 inch conduit of about 200 feet with four 90 degree bends and two 30 degree bends. That's the maximum allowed in a conduit run. I've really learned a lot about how electricity gets to the plugs. It's not quite as simple as it would first seem.

My team buddie and I finished up the week mounting junction boxes and pulling wires into those boxes. The big conduit didn't get wires pulled through it on this trip.
All in all the trip was a success and one more trip should finish up this project. Then it will be on to the community center. I won't be back on a trip until next year. By then they may be working on something else. Whatever it is the learning experience continues.

Fishing in Wild Horse

After a grueling 8 hour drive to the lovely and senic Wild Horse reservoir, we set up camp on the shore. Being close to the water has it's advantages. It's not far to go fishing.

This guy took the record for most fish caught on the trip. Well of course he had a great advantage with his spark plug weights that would allow him to heave his bait out farther in the lake than anyone else.

First was poles in the water then came breakfast each morning. We were truly rough and ready camping in the wild of northern Nevada, 70 miles from the nearest real town. Temperatures dropped into the 20s at night and rose to 70s during the day. It made for cold tent camping and all agreed that next year we will have tent heaters.

Most of our time was spent along the shore fishing and telling stories about past experiences. We were the great white fishermen.

By the third day we had caught our limit and started eating fish to be able to keep fishing. By the end of the day we were so stuffed with fish, we decided to come back a day early. We had caught probably 30 fish and had to eat enough to make us legal at 20 lake trout. We also caught two catfish one about 5 pounds and the other 7 1/2 pounds. In addition to that we snagged a couple wippers which are a cross between a couple fish.
All agreed that we need to do it again next year. I've been researching bait launchers so look out spark plug man cause Nebraska Dave's coming back with new ideas.