Saturday, April 02, 2005

Freight Hauler Dave Part 3

It's me freight hauler Dave. I must clarify some things about the last episode. The first was about Ricky. Ricky was not a newly acquired friend that was traveling across the country with me. About a year ago I bought a new Ford Ranger and named him Ranger Rick. Together Ricky and I have hauled and moved almost every thing imaginable.
The next thing was what exactly was the freight and where was it to be delivered? The freight was a load from my house to be hauled to my daughter in Beaufort South Carolina. This freight included a 2 cushioned love seat, 2 boxes of dishes, a sewing machine, a box of cook books, a box of various household utensils, some baby items, and a prom dress.

Ok with that out of the way let's pick up where we left off.

I made it to Beaufort and found my way to the Piggly Wiggley store. On the way to Beaufort I discovered that my cell phone was on the fritz. I could hear people talk to me, but they could not hear me. What a bummer. I had to resort to calling with a phone card. Finding a pay phone these days can be quite a trick. With the popularity of the cell phone being what it is, the pay phone is almost extinct. So I called up my daughter to tell her that I made it to town only to pick a pay phone that I could hear her, she could not hear me. This is really getting old. Luckily there happened to be another phone right next to the defective one. Finally I get a call through and they directed me to meet them at Walmart. Now you know how I love Walmart, so I'm thinking this has got to be a good place if there's a Walmart here.

One little side note about Georgia. Those folks really know how to build a shopping center. Those that know me also know that Lowes rates right up there with Walmart. Well, in Georgia, I drove past a shopping center that had Walmart and Lowes right next to each other. Ooooh my, nirvana. It just doesn't get any better than that.

So we meet at Walmart. It's such a strange thing to think of Lydia with a family, but there they are the three of them cruising up in a Dodge Neon. Hugs around are in order and of course a squeeze for Bradley. Some light Walmart shopping and then we wind our way through the South Carolina roads to the base housing. There it is with guards at the gate and every house exactly the same for as far as the eye can see. After being there I discovered that the base water tower was only a couple blocks from their house so I could find my way back to their house from almost anywhere by looking for the tower.

It was a little comforting to see Lydia cooking in the kitchen for the family and taking care of the baby just like a real mom. I didn't ever think that she would able to take care of a household, but all those things that I could never get her to do at home she was doing. I guess she really was paying attention after all. So for those in the throes of raising teenagers there is hope at the end of the teen years.

During the 7 days I spent at the Young family, we did many things. We went to Savannah Georgia. This is one of oldest towns in the United States. Mixed among the old Southern homes were businesses like Long John Silvers and Burger King, etc. Every so far there were beautiful city parks that were tree covered and many benches to sit on. One could almost see the old time Southern families there with their picnic baskets and kids running through the park having the grandest time. We hit a couple malls one of which looked like two Oak View malls connected

Of course Grandpa had to buy a couple things for Bradley and family. Bradley got the grandest high chair ever. This baby reclined, had toys fastened to the sides with plastic straps, and a slide in musical activity center for the tray for Bradley to play with while waiting for dinner to be prepared. Oh did I mention that this contraption had a five point seat harness. Dale Jr., race car driver, would have been proud that the kid would be fully protected in the event of a crash.

For the adults, I bought a flat box wardrobe for the bedroom. Flat box furniture requires assembly skills, instruction deciphering, and above all patience. Lydia wanted to have she and Eddie assemble it by themselves. It was comical to listen to the banging and "oh craps" from the back room as they assembled it. After it was assembled, Eddie and Lydia were still talking to each other. That was always a major accomplishment for me. You know women always want to read the instructions. We guys don't need no stinking instructions. Just give us a bucket of bolts, a hammer, a screw driver, a pair of pliers and let the assembly begin.

The week flew by too fast. The day came when I had to leave the fair state of South Carolina and head north to North Carolina to a Bluegrass festival. So again hugs and farewells were given all around. As I head out of town I ponder over the fact that Lydia is no longer my baby, but a grown up mom and the road becomes a little blurry from the teary eyes.

The Adventure continues soon

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the instructions. When all else fails though read the "destructions" You'd be proud fo me Dave-I assembled a lateral fie cabinet by myself. I did read the instructions however just to be sure I did it right. That was after I started started building without them. hedyd4u