Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 November Iola Kansas Flood House Rebuild

Hey, drywall cutter dave here.
I left for Iola (eye-o-la) Kansas on the 9th of November to help replace drywall on a flood house. The house was moved from the flood plain and put on a new foundation. When we arrived there all the drywall throughout the house 48 inches up from the floor down had been
removed. Our mission was to replace the drywall and mud the cracks. Two drywall mud guys were on our team. By the end of four days our mission was complete and not only did we get the house done but we finished drywalling the double car garage. The decision was made to come home a day early which was OK with me as it gave me an extra day to get ready for the Mexico trip.

We bunked down in a church basement in Iola. Several churches in town of different faiths brought us food. It seems every time I go on one of these trips I bring home a little extra tonnage. Those church ladies really know how to cook. We made the Newspaper of the little town of Iola. One of the team workers actually got his picture in the paper.

A friend of mine has a house that I am kind of the first line of defense. She's a traveling nurse and so is out of town a lot. Last Spring a hail storm came through and damaged her outside unit for the cental airconditioner. When she heard that I would be in Kansas, she wanted to know if I could pick up a central airconditioner in the Fort Worth, Texas area that she found on the Internet. I could hardly say no to that. Ricky, my truck, hadn't been on a run for a while and likes to think that he is a big freight hauler like the big trucks. So Thursday night about 7 PM, Ricky and I hit the road for Texas. We hit the outskirts of Ft. Worth about 3 AM. We found a nice spot and snuggled in for a snooze. We were up by 7 AM, gassed up, Mc Donalded up, and freight loaded up and on the road home by 9:30 AM. We dashed through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and up through Nebraska to home in 11 hours. Both Ricky and I fell asleep, he in the garage and I in my bed, with memories of the work week and travel dancing through our dreams.

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