Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Four
We left El Carmen about 11pm and arrived at Hildago in the morning. Victor, the pastor from Nicaragua, wanted us to experience his favorite breakfast. He had grown up in this part of Mexico and this was his favorite breakfast. It started with a bowl of soup. It was broth with what looked like chic peas in it. Then we progressed to a chicken that had been wrapped in a cactus leaf and buried in the ground with hot coals overnight. A tortilla was used to pinch off a wad of chicken and then flavoring (hot sauce) was sloshed on the tortilla. It all went down good as did many more cultural meals eaten on the journey.

In the afternoon we visited Pastor Victor's Mom and went to the town's market. We tried on many hats and wandered around looking at all the interesting things that were being sold there. Just about anything imaginable and some not imaginable could be bought there.

Upon arriving a Pastor Luis's house, a pastor that John has known for 20 years, we were invited to partake of chicken with some kind of red sauce on it. After that we were taken to a Mayan Pyrimad.

Two hundred fifty three steps later our huffing and puffing group made it to the top. We saw another pyramid and many foundations for other buildings as well as a terrific view of the land for miles around the structure. As you can see in the picture there were many peddlers with many of Mayan trinkets for sale.

Day Five
We stayed over night in a hotel. In the morning we attended Luis's church and of course all four of us had to give a testimony about how we came to bring a van to Nicaragua. John preached the Sunday morning sermon. One of Luis's sons decided to spend time in Nicaragua with Victor and Julio. Now we are a merry band of five headed into the wild territory of Central America. After church service and lunch at Luis's house, we bid John's friend goodbye and continued on with our journey. We traveled through the afternoon and all night to reach the Southern border of Mexico.

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