Sunday, April 16, 2006

What's up for May "The planned trips"

Hi everyone,
I'm on the go again to De Ridder Louisiana. I'm going with a Rapid Response Team to help with building a house for the Pastor there. It's the same area as the last time I went. Last time we worked on building a house for a widow in the church of the Pastor on who's house we will be working on this time. My juices really got going when I heard about the team being formed. I really do feel a full time calling to respond to these trips. I believe I'm on a journey in life to be doing this full time in a couple years. What a wonderful season of life this is for me.

We will be leaving on May 13th and returning around May 20th. Our team will be considerable bigger than the three that went the last time. I believe it should be at least 7 or more this time. We really hit it off with the locals there the last time and I'm certainly ready to return to help with the construction.

About a week after I return from this trip, I will be leaving for another week. I heard about a disaster in Canada that needs a lot of attention. I heard that the water there has too many big fish. I will be on a response team to remove as many big fish as we can. So if you feel like you need to send support to can write the checks made out to me.

I hope you realize that I'm just kidding. I am going on a fishing trip to Canada. I love to fish, but I have never had a chance to actually go to Canada before. I've sent a lot of time in Minnesota very close to Canada, but never made it across the border. That should be a good time for sure. I'm not sure how many are going on this trip, but I'm guessing at least 4 or 5.

This is a picture of the place we are staying. It is located on the shore of Crooked Pine Lake known for walleye, northern pike, and slab black crappie. There might even be a catfish or carp as well. What am I thinking. Forget that thought.

Here's a sample of what can be pulled out of the lake there. I think I need to have more than 6 pound test line on my Zebco. Oh my, I'll have to get something bigger than a jig to fish with. The possibilities just boggle the mind.

Anyway that's what's going on in May for me.

Tell me about what's up in your life for May.

Always going Dave


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, you'll love the fishin in Canada. I fished there once. The biggest pike I caught was a 31 incher. Let me tell you-now there was fight worth fighting for!!! Have fun buddy. hedyd4u

Gene Davey said...

Looks beautiful up there. Wish I could go with ya. Escape life for awhile. Gene

Susie said...

I bet you'll have more fun in Canada than you did fishing in Missouri with Mom and Dad Fertig..
Blessings to you my friend..
Take care,

shelli said...

that looks so fun!! I hope that you are enjoying yourself.