Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DeRidder Louisiana 2006 Part 6

Here you can see the eating area that I frequented. It was here that we ate our meals morning, noon, and most evenings. We did have a meal at the local equivalent of Texas Road House with buckets of peanuts and baskets of bread.

The front porch became the gathering place to take a break or snack. In the evening after the day ended, this is where the tall tales were told. All of absolute truth so help me God. Many memories have already happened on this porch and the house isn't even completed yet.
This was the last day and in this picture is Pastor Vic, Captain Larry, and his wife Cindy. Pastor Vic cooked up the best barbecue ever which included all the trimmings. With our work completed, our hearts were saddened to think about going back home. One week is just not enough. Here is one last look at the feasting table that served us well. I carried some tonnage back with me from this table. It was around my middle and only now have I removed it from behind my belt.
So when the disaster has happened and workers are in short supply, who you gonna call?

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tbgraeve said...

I would call on Prayer Warrior Dave
and his trusty side kick Ricky
Thanks Dave for all your stories and pics. Keep them coming!
Terry and Barb